Tony The Time Traveller

by Jesse Carmona



Based on an actual dream. It is the distant future. I am jogging in this beautiful park. There are people everywhere. Every week I notice someone very unusual. I see a tall Afro-American man dressed in a suit. Sometimes I see him only for a second. He is not jogging or exercising. He is walking through the thick woods of the park. He always wears a dark gray suit. Week after week I see him. I know he is time traveling. Finally after many weeks, I stop him and we talk. He tells me his name is Tony. He tells me many things about time travel. The suit is the source of his power. He says " I am going to quit time traveling. I have no more suits". He tells me many more things about time travel. He says if he is surprised or confronted suddenly, he will jump to anywhere in time. We say goodbye. I never see him again in the park. Next thing I remember I am watching television news. They tell of someone who magically appears in the middle of a high school football game. I watch the clip. It is Tony. He is dead. The players move towards him. I don't know what happened. He may have been injured and tried to return back to our time but it was too late. He may have gone where man was not meant to go.


released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Jesse Carmona Houston, Texas

Thanks for listening! CD's are the work of Jesse Carmona in Houston, Texas. Created with the Oberheim Xpander and with software synthesizers by Korg, Arturia, IK Mutimedia, and Native Instruments. Big fan of Steve Roach, Max Corbacho,Patrick O'Hearn and David Helpling. All glory and honor goes to Jesus Christ, The Son of God. ... more

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